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POSTED 5/11/20: Ole Pearl and Ole Tourney Tote are no longer available to order. 

  POSTED 5/6/20: Ole is now visible for retailers ONLY! We have limited amount of material left. Once we run out we will be taking Ole off the website. Please be cautious when taking orders for Ole and check the website first!

  POSTED 5/4/20:  Please check your inbox for continued communication from Julie Sansavera for updates on production and Ole.  Emails were sent 4/29/20 & 5/3/20.  

  • San Antonio is under and extended Work Safe/ Stay Home Order until May 20th
  • Although Jon Hart was initially deemed non-essential and unable to operate, we began sewing masks for essential personnel in April.  This has enabled us to partially operate.  The health department has been here more than once.
  • We are shipping items that we have in stock and/or are sewn in satellite studios and then quarantined for 72 hrs before entering the main building    
  • As previously announced, the Grad Promo has been extended through May for Retailers Only
  • The Ole Collection will end publicly on 5/5/20.  Retailers will be able to order items for an additional two weeks or while supplies last, whichever comes first.
  • All items have extended shipping timelines.  If you ask for 'Ship Complete' it will take longer.  We will try our best to optimize shipments if you do not mark 'Ship Complete'
  • The "Together #100MillionMask" White Grande philanthropic promo is launching on 5/5/20.  The profits from this item will be used for mask donations, therefore it is not offered at a wholesale rate.  In addition, the material is not our traditional coated canvas.                                                  

 POSTED 3/31

Our “From a Distance” program will allow you to receive credit for sales placed on the Jon Hart Design website.   We’ll process the order, collect the payment and send the items to the customer.

 Here’s how it works:

•       You create a special code for your store here

•       Once confirmed via e-mail, the code will be active and you can start sharing it.

•       When your code is used, you will receive 40% of the product sales via a credit.  This credit will be available at the end of the program and can be used for outstanding invoices or future purchases.

 Please know, this program is completely optional, and you can give out the code as much or as little as you’d like.  Based on current social distancing guidelines, we expect this program to be in place until the end of April 2020.

 POSTED 3/25/20

A few new offers for now and the future as our plans evolve with the current situation. 

  • To help in the future: All retailers will be extended the graduation promo pricing through the end of May.  We hope this gives you additional time to rebound from the current disruptions.
  • For those of you that we can help now, we’re going to bring back the Free Makeup Case Organizer with purchase of Makeup Case
    • This will be valid 3/26/20-3/31/20  
    • No code needed
    • Cannot be combined with grad promo discounts (if you add it to a trunk show order we’ll adjust the price of both the makeup case & organizer during processing)
    • Excludes the Ole’ Makeup Case
  • Free hot-stamping for the rest of the month.  We made this available for drop-ship orders last week and are now extending it to all orders.  We’re hoping this helps both Hot Stampers who can’t physically Hot Stamp right now as well as non-Hot Stampers.  This will be valid 3/26/20-3/31/20.  

 POSTED 3/24/20 :  A Stay Home/Work Safe order has been issued by the Mayor of San Antonio through April 9th which impacts Jon Hart Design operations.  Unless you've told us differently we will ship your orders ASAP.  We will be operating with a minimal crew for the next couple of weeks and doing our best to serve you and your customers.

 POSTED 3/20/20 

We know that drop-shipping is more important to you than ever.  We also know that shipping charges diminish your margins.  During the government imposed COVID-19 restrictions, we’re doing two things to help you out:

1.       We will not charge you for hot-stamping on your drop-ship orders. This discount should tremendously help you recover margin from shipping costs- in other words, continue to charge your customer for hot-stamping and it should cover a considerable amount of the shipping so that you can offer free or flat-rate shipping.  To take advantage of this, simply add the ‘DROP SHIP HOT STAMP PROMO’ product to your cart listed under ‘New Products’ on the website (also on Quick-Order Form).  This is only visible to retailers and will take effect starting March 21, 2020. The mono fees will still show up in your shopping cart but will be removed before you are invoiced.

2.       We will continue to take advantage of FedEx’s flat rate shipping where we can.  Although we cannot ship larger items/orders via FedEx it does help eliminate the extra UPS surcharges for residential or extended distances for smaller items/orders that can sometimes double the shipping rate.  

03/02/2020-- Ole Catalog insert available for download on promotional content along with an updated catalog for new items

02/25/20 -- OLE COLLECTION

  • We have a special edition limited run launching on Monday, March 2nd and will be available until May 5th or while supplies last
  • It adds a little fiesta to a handful of our best-selling items and even includes a couple of items available in our previously retired fuchsia


Although we cannot offer fuchsia outside of this line for any other products for any amount of time, if you have a customer that misses fuchsia, they will find something they love


Feb 3rd & 4th: 13% off Rose and Red Grande #701 and Chico #700 plus free mono on those items (code: ARROW)

Feb 5th & 6th: 20% off in-stock Rose Bottle Baskets (code: KISSES)


You can find our January Market Special on the Promotional Content page, as well as in the links above...

Market Special will end on JANUARY 21ST.


Price changes will take effect on Wednesday, January 8th. Please be sure to review carefully, as all items have not seen an increase, and some have even decreased.

You can find our new Retail & Wholesale Price Sheets on the Promotional Content page, as well as in the links above...


You can find our 2020 January Catalog on the Promotional Content page, as well as in the links above... This reflects price changes, as well as our new color & new items.

Please feel free to download & print out the catalog, should you choose to keep one with your display, as we have gone fully digital for 2020.


Our new Coated Canvas color, LEMON, is now live! As well as a handful of new items...

See below for a comprehensive list of new item info - or see the new price sheets & catalog.

#360 Pearl: $17 / $35

#321 Leather Luna: $68 / $140

#702 Pod Pouch: $7 / $15

#211 Wristlet (Redesigned): $37 / $76

#2822 JH Scout: $140 / $290 (please allow up to 4 weeks for production on this item)

#2221 JH Southtown: $200 / $414 (please allow up to 4 weeks for production on this item)


- Boarding Case

- Houstonian

- Easy View Organizer

- Game Day Tote

- Large Wheels now comes with Garment Sleeve


Q1 perk - 30% OFF all discontinued items!

Please keep an eye on your inbox this week for more info.

If you don't receive an email from us please contact our Retail Coordinator on how to take advantage of this deal.

General Info:

-If we are having multiple promotions going on at once, there is NO DOUBLE DIPPING, which means you can only use one promotion on each order.

-Greek & University items will NEVER be apart of any promotion that has a percentage off of an item due to royalty fees*****

-If you place an order and have an issue with the order please call or email immediately due to the quickness of processing, if it is after 4:30 please email ASAP.

-The Luna bag is 3 different items. There is a Clear Luna #319, Vinyl Luna #320, and an all leather Luna #321

-If you have 60+ items in your cart it is best to submit separate orders... this will help with website functionality

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