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November 14th, 2018

  • January: 29.38 days / 100% of orders completed
  • February: 23.34 days / 100% of orders completed
  • March: 30.23 days / 99.95% of orders completed
  • April: 37.06 days / 99.75% of orders completed
  • May: 34.75 days / 99.7% of orders completed
  • June: 35.13 days / 99.77% of orders completed
  • July: 26.38 days / 99.84% of orders completed
  • August: 20.63 days / 98.81% of orders completed
  • September: 10.72 days / 94.67% of orders completed
  • October: 6.53 days / 84.12% of orders completed
  • week 44: 4.13 days / 60.36% of orders completed
  • week 45: 2.29 days / 50.11% of orders completed
  • week 46: 0.68 days / 5.5% of orders completed
  • *As you can see we've been working hard to chip away at our turnaround time and we just wanted to give you a little insight to keep you in the loop about our production timeline over the last few months.
  • *Keep in mind these are only averages and we still have to take into account the items and colors that are being ordered, as some take longer than others.  

September 19th, 2018

  • You'll notice the turnaround time has been changed from 6 weeks to 4 weeks on all items EXCEPT Hunting items, Coolers, all leather items, Wheels, & the Highland Park Tote.

September 10th, 2018

  • We will begin weekly communication on this Bulletin about current production status beginning in October.
  • Beginning in 2019 the Guns & Ammo Cases will be season items - only for sale during the 2nd & 4th quarters.
  • Check your email regarding product upgrades throughout the next few months as we run out of colors and build them back up for inventory. 
  • Call to schedule your Christmas Trunk Show so we can advertise it on our website 210.226.8544 

August 10th, 2018

  • CLICK HERE to see #hashtag and generic saying ideas to stamp on our items
  • Call to schedule your Christmas Trunk Show so we can advertise it on our website 210.226.8544

August 8th, 2018

  • NEW ship schedule for Clear Backpacks:
  •      Orders placed before July 17th will start shipping August 10th
  •      Orders placed July 18th through August 7th will start shipping August 20th
  •      Orders placed August 8th or after will start shipping September 1st
  • We have many Coral Left Banks in stock and ready to ship ASAP 
  • We also have many (discontinued) Two Toned Grandes & Tote Organizers in stock and ready to ship ASAP
  • Christmas Promotion price list, poster, & post cards will go out the first week of September
  • Trunk Shows can only take place between September 28th - November 9th
  • Christmas cutoff date (ALL items, ALL colors) is November 15th (subject to change - will re-evaluate pushing it later based on inventory & production)

July 17th, 2018

  • NEW ship schedule for Clear Backpacks:
  • Orders placed before July 17th will start shipping August 10th
  • Orders placed July 18th or after will start shipping August 20th

July 10th, 2018

  • Charcoal Vinyl & Iris Leather are LIVE
  • Atlanta Market Special (sale pricing + free mono) 7/10 - 7/17 "MARKET ORDER" in notes to qualify

July 2nd, 2018
  • #910 Clear Backpack is now available for pre-order online $125 retail $60 wholesale
  • If you're a part of the Retailer Roadshow, check your email for directions and tips
  • Our office and warehouse will be closed Wednesday, July 4th

June 29th, 2018
  • #910 Clear backpack will be live to order on July 1st
  • Clear Backpack Roadshow Schedule posted on the Events page - sign up ASAP if you're interested in having them in your store for customers to see in person
  • Charcoal Vinyl & Iris Leather will be live to order on July 10th
  • Fall Promotion will be live July 15th - August 31st
  • You may now select our logo on any item for no mono charge

June 20th, 2018
We very much value the chance to list each and every one of you on our Retail Locator map online. In order to do this effectively, we must remain in the loop on any changes made to your store's location. If you know your store will be changing addresses, please be sure to contact either your sales rep or our office to ensure we remain up to date on our records. This will not only keep our Retail Locator current so that customers can go directly to your store, but also help us protect territories to an extent. Thanks for your cooperation!

June 18th, 2018
  • Due to hardware issues we've discontinued the #741 Special Garment Bag
  • We will no longer be offering Tool (with or without shells) as a mono option
  • Be on the lookout for a special package previewing our NEW colors (launching this summer!)
  • Also, BIG announcement in the coming days on a Jon Hart Clear Backpack, yay!