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We've scoured the earth to find the very best leather available to us and hand-picked each type that we use on your bags. Our top leathers currently hail from Turkey and Brazil and are brought back to the States to be used by the artisans who craft each and every product by hand. The majority of our items are hand-crafted using 100% Natural Veg Leather. We also offer other varieties including Oiled, Bridle, Soft Italian and more. Each type carries its own characteristics such as weight, grain, stiffness, and color. 

Our leather is touched by real life and may display stretch marks, scars, brands, and insect bites. These elements of life, displayed through our all-natural leather, are what give our items their individuality and character. Our bags tell a story - and that story is carried on through the embossing of your unique personalization. #createyourownlegacy

Variations of color and texture are common when working with genuine leather, which will make each bag that we sell unique.
Different leathers are going to wear differently, and your bag may change appearance over time. With normal use, the leather can become slouchy and soft. It will also darken with light and touch, giving it a vintage look and feel over time.

Exposure to hand sanitizer, perfume or anything alcohol-based will cause damage to the leather. Contact with makeup, oils, dyes and dark denim can also stain the leather and be difficult to remove. We suggest that by keeping your leather item out of direct sunlight, heat, humidity, and contact with water, you will be on the right track to have it last a lifetime!

The JHD Family


We recommend KIWI products for conditioning, waterproofing, and cleaning our leathers. Our coated canvas can normally be cleaned with a soft brush, soap, and water. For tough soils and stains, one of our coated canvas material manufacturers (Haartz) recommends Wolfsteins Pro-Series by Raggtopp which can be found at


Our wheeled luggage is made to withstand the rigors of travel.  Of course, the more you use your luggage the more tell-tale signs of travel become apparent.  However, some travelers actually prefer the look and feel of more seasoned pieces.  Those who want to keep their luggage looking like new may prefer to use Jon Hart Design clear plastic covers.  

We highly recommend these covers to protect luggage made of lighter and brighter colors such as: fuchsia, lime, tan, saddle, red, and ocean blue. Currently, JHD clear plastic covers are already included in the price for the Large and Super Wheeled products as they must be checked on commercial airlines.  The clear plastic covers are available through our authorized retailers and Jon Hart Design.


The pull handle on the wheeled luggage is designed for ease of movement (pulling the luggage) and not to lift or carry the luggage.  Excessive weight or pressure on the pull handle may cause damage or breakage.

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