Our Story

Take a behind the scenes look at Jon Hart Design, as featured on Manufacturing Marvels.
(May 2014)

For more than 35 years Jon Hart Design has produced high quality custom and personalized bags, totes, and various travel goods & accessories right here in America, in the fine State of Texas.  We are proud to have never taken our production overseas and thus, there is currently no need for us to bring it back home.

Through leadership and customer’s request the Company has experienced consistent growth by adding new colors in its most popular materials of coated canvas and leather.  There are now well more than a dozen choices of each material from which to choose.  Most recently JHD has produced quite popular clear plastic products as required for various security purposes.  Each product carries the Company’s iconic “Jon Hart Design” logo and proud owner’s name or initials. 

No matter who or where you are in life or your particular lifestyle, JHD has a product appropriate for you or your loved one.  Whether you are interested in Men’s, Women’s, Kids, Gifts, Sports & Outdoor, or a particular Season, we have a product that will stand the test of time for you.  We strongly encourage you to come inside our plant and experience what we are all about by watching “Manufacturing Marvels”.  See how our legacy products are made, our skilled craftsmen & craftswomen at work, and why our brand has endured the test of time.  

We thank you for visiting us and encourage you to try one or more of our products for yourself.  JHD currently ships to all fifty states in the US.  You may also visit one of our more than 500 fine retailers across the Country to experience the color, touch and feel of our various durable materials.  You may find a retailer near you by using our retail locator in the menu bar. 

Lastly, we hold our customers’ opinions in high regard. Feel free to reach out to us on our Facebook page to express your opinion on any of our products, make requests for new colors or products, or simply to share your personal experience with a Jon Hart Design product(s) over the years.  As one of our tag lines reads, “You asked for it, we listened, and you got it!”  We now need to change that to “You ask for it, we listen, and you get it!” 

We look forward to hearing from you soon via our Facebook page, meeting you at one of our fine retailers, or simply by humbly filling one of your orders.  Thanks again for your trust in our products and allowing us to serve you.

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